Side B sessions is a series of free online talks brought to you by Bolster.

It brings together industry thought leaders and specialists to discuss the intersection between digital, music, tech, entertainment, and brand.

“Panel: Cultivating Communities”

Thursday June 18, 10am AEST

Communities can be a powerful tool for insight, engagement and action. But how do brands, creators, publishers and individuals cultivate genuine and authentic communities in the first place? Our next Side B Sessions panel will delve into the value of creating and cultivating communities, and how brands can align with active communities for mutual benefit. Plus the big questions – how do we monetise them, and do we even want to do that?

Our first panelist is Jerry Soer, the VP S.E Asia for Collab, a digital talent network and entertainment studio for content creators. We’ll also hear from Mindy Day, who is the Head of Community at Patreon, one of the world’s most successful membership platforms for creators. Jahan Karimaghayi, CEO of Benchmob, will be bringing his agency’s experience of managing the social channels for Flume and Diplo to the table and Hayley Rosenblum will bring her insight of managing Amanda Palmers community, while music strategist Amber Horsburgh will moderate the discussion.

Amber Horsburgh
Music Strategist, Deep Cuts (Moderator)
Jerry Soer
VP of Gaming & Head of Southeast Asia, Collab
Mindy Day
Head of Community, Patreon
Jahan Karimaghayi
Founder, Benchmob
Hayley Rosenblum
Creative project manager, Amanda Palmer

Past Events

“Keynote: Putting your content in contention”

Thursday May 28, 10am AEST

Content today has just seconds to strike a chord with its viewers. Oliver will spend 1,200 explaining why this is the case, and – in a time that feeds are more saturated than ever – how to combat it. This talk explores content ranging from short branded touch-points to longer lean-back moments. Uncover the content strategies you can adopt to better capture the attention of your audience and move them along this scale. Producing content across this spectrum, that is both engaging and sensitive to our current climate, could leave a lasting positive impact on your brand.

“Keynote: Digital State of Play”

Tuesday May 19, 10am AEST

2020 has seen some huge changes in how we live, and every single fact of our lives has been dramatically affected. All the rules have changed since our Side B Live State of Play keynote last October. The second event in our new Side B Sessions series will be an updated look at media consumption, brands and consumer behaviour during this crisis and beyond.

Bolster’s Head of Digital Cat Rewha will dive into how consumer behaviours have been disrupted, and what emerging patterns brands should take note of. Our Senior Music Strategist Paige X. Cho will uncover shifts in media demand and consumption, as well as how people have changed the ways they support and show love for their favourite entities. This session will equip brands and businesses with insights to help strengthen your brand and product during this time.

“Panel: Is Live Streaming the Answer?”

Tuesday May 12, 10am AEST

Live streaming has proliferated in the wake of live event cancellations, with artists taking to the medium in unprecedented ways. But while it’s a novel way for artists to connect to fans in a time of social isolation, there are already questions about its long-term viability. Is it a band-aid solution or a sustainable medium for artists? And what’s the value if not monetary? Can artists use the medium to build communities that will hold them in good stead when normality returns?

Moderated by music-tech journalist Cherie Hu (Water & Music), this panel will bring artists, brands, managers and labels together to discuss the pros and cons of a live-streaming moment no one saw coming. Can it be monetised into a revenue stream for artists during these changing times and beyond? Or is it just a marketing opportunity that devalues art long term?

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